What do the different grades of towels mean?

Unger has developed a grading system for their microfiber towels to help professional cleaners make better buying decisions. They range from light to heavy duty, depending on your budget and need.

They also use the SmartColor Coding System to help prevent cross-contamination.

Grade Specs Usage
200 Series UltraLite Durability: 200

Wash Cycles: 200

Scrub Factor: 39

Absorbency 5.2oz

  • Cleans light-duty soil loads
  • Dry/damp dusting tasks
  • Shortest product life cycle
  • Maximum absorbency
500 Series Light Duty Durability: 500

Wash Cycles: 500

Scrub Factor: 34

Absorbency 3.3oz

  • Cleans light-duty soil loads
  • Good choice for daily dusting tasks
  • Least aggressive mechanical action
  • Shorter product life than medium or heavy duty
2000 Series Medium Duty Durability: 100

Wash Cycles: 2000

Scrub Factor: 36

Absorbency 4.4oz

  • Cleans medium-duty soil loads
  • Hand or normal wash/dry cycles
  • Designed for 5-day-a-week cleaning operations
  • Multi-purpose surface applications
  • Average product life
  • Medium absorbency for general-purpose cleaning
4000 Series Heavy Duty Durability: 4000

Wash Cycles: 1500

Scrub Factor: 38

Absorbency 5.2oz

  • Cleans industrial soil loads–oils, dry dust, embedded soils
  • Highest quality, superior-grade textile
  • Manufactured to withstand heavy-duty commercial washing cycles
  • Designed for facilities that clean in multiple shifts and 7 days a week
  • Extended product life–lower long-term cost
  • Maximum absorbency

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